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Ethan in Metro-52.jpg
Ethan in Metro-10.jpg

Door closed, lights off, windows open, and imagination unrestrained. No filters, and no inhibitions...


Just the freedom to tell his story with these three essentials: 
A pen, a guitar, and a voice.
The Chicago-native invites you into the privacy of his room with a blend of acoustic driven, singer/songwriter pop with undertones of funk, jazz, and alternative R&B. 
His storytelling, complemented by soulful pop melodies with a wave of 7th's crashing upon the strings, paint a colorful landscape of a conflicted yet genuine worldview.

From open mics like Uncommon Ground, to headlining nationally known stages like The Metro and The House of Blues in Chicago, to scoring a spot on NBC’s The Voice,  Ethan is on a sure path of Success.
But like square pegs in round holes, Ethan is unconcerned with fitting industry standards, but with the innovation through the creativity of his music. 
For a life framed with risks projects a story with telling. 
Authenticity is the mandate, Love is the reason, and Music is the vessel.


Photography by MDAPhotizo, and ShotxChris .